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Latest news

July 4th, 2024

Heinkel He-111 development update

I have published a video about the current state of development on my youtube channel.

June 14th, 2024

New images in the user gallery.

Four new images have been uploaded to the user gallery. Many thanks to Karl and Edward.


June 2nd, 2024

Long March5 images published

I finally finished editing and uploading the photos of the Long March 5, check out the gallery here.

April 21st, 2024

Blender Basics Tutorial series completed

My first tutorial series to teach the basics of Blender required to design your own paper models has now been completed. You can conveniently watch them all on youtube via this page.

April 6th, 2024

Long March 5 final versions now available

Long March 5 first photos   As I have finished the first full build of the Long March 5, I have also ironed out some errors on the Longmarch 5. So now final versions of both 5 and 5B are available. If you have downloaded either version, please re-download.

I have also created the page about designing the Long March 5.

After finishing the build, I am now waiting for good weather for a full model shooting. To the left is a first look.

Click the image to enlarge.
March 29th, 2024

Long March 5 stand updated

I suggest downloading the stand for the Long March 5. The cutouts for the big pillars were too small. If you have already printed, you can easily adjust them so the edge of the pillars is flush with the surface of the octogon, if you haven’t printed

March 26th, 2024

Important update for the Long March 5

While building the full build to take photos for the Long March 5 I came across a major mistake. The marking to align the docking ring (part 6) i in the wrong position. This and three minor mistakes on the Long March 5 have been corrected and it has been re-uploaded. I suggest those who have already downloaded to download again. This does not affect the Long March 5B.

March 17th, 2024

15 years Stahlhart papercraft- launching into a new era!

15 years of Stahlhart Papercraft

15 years ago today, this website went online with the first model. Please revisit our history through the News archive below.

In its 15th year, I have decided to develop this website further, so Stahlhart Papercraft will be entering a new era! So here is what's new:

New website section: Design

It's important to think about the future. So in order to encourage people to learn designing papermodels themselves, I have decided to create tutorials and build a home for those who wish to learn. The new design section of the website includes an overview of tutorial models and will hold files that can be downloaded to assist in the learning. This will include a written tutorial for the first “Blender basics for paper modelers” course. The tutorial is already written, but I didn't have time yet to make a decent layout. It will also include Blender and Inkscape files. From now on, all Stahlhart models will be quasi open-source, as the model files will be made available for download.

The idea is also to offer anyone who learns paper model design from me to publish their model on this site.

The new design section

Stahlhart Papercraft Youtube Channel

The video tutorials will be published via the new Stahlhart Papercraft Youtube Channel. Beside the video tutorials, I will make videos to present new models when I have published them and I will also make reviews of paper models from other designers that I have built.

stahlhart youtube channel

You can find the full channel here:

Website facelift

The website design has been simplified, by dropping the background image and the adoption of a new typeface. Texts as images will be replaced to allow menus and headlines to be translated by automatic browser translation. To implement the facelift for all pages will take a long time, so please don't get annoyed that the site has two styles for a while.

New model category

I have been wondering for a while, why I should limit my model creation to just three categories. As the original categories will remain the main categories, the new category is others. I had also considered the names “miscellaneous” and “all else”, but settled for “others” as it’s short and one word.

the “figures” category has been renamed to “beings” as that is a wider name and fits better to stand for humans, animals and maybe also robots trees and mushrooms in the future.

Long March 5 rocket

The first model for the “others” category is the final birthday surprise. I have first wanted to do a Long March model over ten years ago. Last year I came across plans to work from and finally pulled it off. The model can be built in two variants, the two-stage regular Long March 5 as well as the one-stage Long March 5B. The two-stage variant includes a dockable second stage and the booster rockets can be kept detachable for both variants.

I will publish images of the model as soon as I have them.

Long March 5 (1:100 scale)


February 5th, 2024

The year of the Dragon

The Lucky Dragon has been released!


Coming Saturday, February the 10th, the Chinese Year of the Dragon begins! Therefore I am very pleased to finally be able to publish this model of the Loong, or Chinese Dragon or Asian Dragon or Lucky Dragon, which has been originally created 12 years ago for the previous year of the Dragon. The Lucky Dragon can be built flying or standing. As usual it comes in a Chinese New Year version and white version. Other colour versions are planned.


January 31st, 2024

Happy New Year!

I have added 17 new images to the User Gallery!

Including the amazing Drachenfest Diorama

A big thank you to Harald, rsflug1247 and DesTyn for the amazing model builds and photos!

Don't forget to send photos of the models you have built!

Within one week from now, the model for this year's Animal of the Year will be released.




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