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Dear Friends,

i am very worried about the state our little planet is in these days.
Misunderstanding and Crises everywhere, some talk openly about a coming World War 3.

I feel I must point out the following very clearly:

While there are war machines
among the models available from this website,
the spirit of this website is friendship & sharing.

The american people are my friends,
The russian people are my friends,
The chinese people are my friends,
The arabian people are my friends,
as are all other people on this planet.

This is why for my planes, I like to do many versions, so as many friends as possible can have a version which they will be happy about.

Are people in power my friends? I'm not sureā€¦
Why must they always quarrel and disagree and stir up the people that they ought to care for against each other and play their little games of power, control and dominion?

I think the so-called Leaders of this world should sit down and build a nice paper model. It can calm them down. And then they can play war with their self-created models rather than bringing pain and suffering over everyone by playing with actual war machines.

Pray for peace to whoever you pray to.
and be safe.

Christoph from Stahlhart-papercraft

October 18th, 2016



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