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August 8th, 2022

Tiger released!

tiger at BNU

Here comes the model for the year of the Tiger. Admittedly this time it's a bit late for the Chinese New Year celebrations, but now you have 11 and a half years to create it for the start of the next Year of the Tiger. Or you can ignore and just build it because it's a sweet model anyway.

the stahlhart tiger   the stahlhart tiger   the stahlhart tiger

May 9th, 20221

Added 10 new user-gallery pics including the new homepage picture. (Thank you Karl, Rainer, Juan and Peter)


April 2nd, 2022

Errors fixed

All download pages are back now and all downloads work again. I got off easy this time and could make all necessary changes in one morning.

I want to remind all of you (not sure how many of you read what I write here anyway) that I am dependant on you reporting errors and problems on the website to me. It's not like a warning light flashes in my living room that tells me my website has a problem. It takes a few minutes to write an email to report an error. The earlier it is reported, the earlier the website can be fixed.

If Juan hadn't asked me what happened, this website would have been largely useless for weeks on end. I don't even expect anymore for people to say thank you or send photos, but this is really the least I can expect of my users. I spend so much time to create the models for you, you could really spare several minutes to report errors.


March 31st, 2022

Technical issues

Almost all download pages and the user gallery do not open. This is a technical problem not related to my decision in february to not openly promote warplane models for a while. That this has happened now is an unfortunate coincidence. Please note:

Stahlhart Papercraft does not believe that withholding something to punish or educate others is a method to be used.

Therefore you can rest assured that I will try to make all downloads available again as soon as possible. However I can make no prediction on how long that may take.

The problems are caused by the server having been updated to a newer php-version by the provider, which affects all pages connected to the database. As soon I have time, I will look into the problem to figure out how difficult it is to fix, hopefully all can go back to normal within one week.

Thanks to Juan Martinez for reporting these problems.

February 25th, 2022

War in Ukraince

23 years after the conflict in Kosovo, 77 years after World War 2, a new war has broken out in Europe, result of the inability of the governments of Russia, Ukraine, the United States, the NATO states and EU states to solve their differences peacefully and amicably. These incompetent leaders need to step down as they are unable to realize the wish of each of their peoples: the wish for peace.

In the light of these events my conscience no longer allows me to openly promote models of war machines. Therefore, all images of warplanes will be removed and stay absent from the homepage of this website, indefinitely.

The models will remain available for the time being and the current developments of warplanes as subjects will continue, because I know there are many people out their who like the models, but do not necessary like war.

I wish all of us strength in these difficult days,
it's hope that dies last, don't let it die!
Hope and wish for peace.


January 9th, 2022

Vinicio's models

It's been a while since the last update, but I have something really nice, which I meant to show you all:

The model designs of Vinicio Lucas Vargas

He himself brought my attention to them and I thought I'd help him to promote these FREE MODELS. I hope meaybe this wonderful models can help you survive the time until my next release, which I'm afraid won't be soon.

Should you need further incentives to check them out, here are some images, click to enlarge

all images copyright Vinicio Lucas Vargas


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