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2024 news archive
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September 5th, 2023

Sea Hawk and Pilot figures

Today, the Hawker/Armstrong-Whitworth Sea Hawk was released. The model is in 1:60 scale and comes in 27 versions including Royal Navy, Dutch Navy, German Navy and Indian Navy.
The model features include sculpted and patterned Landing gear, optional folded wings or opened speedbrakes/flaps and of course a cockpit kit.


and if you don't want to leave the cockpit empty, let me introduce the Krutzguy NG pilot figure. It has been specially developed to be buildable in 1:60 scale by any builder with some experience with small parts.
So far there are pilots available for two eras, 1900-1930 and Cold War Era.
Each is available as a standing and sitting version. The figures are also easily posable with small adjustments.

If these initial versionsa are downloaded a lot, I might create more versions, so give them a try and give me feedback.



August 23rd, 2023

New aircraft release coming up.

In the first half of September I will release a new aircraft model with 27 versions.

I know many of you are waiting for the He-111, but this is not the He-111 yet, I am actually working on the He-111 these days.

Can you guess what the new release will be?

  This is the tail of the aircraft I will release. This aircraft has one very unique feature: It looks like it has two engines, while indeed it has only one.
It is a Navy aircraft that has served on the aircraft carriers of 3 different nations and has fought in wars in Africa and Asia.


January 20th, 2023

Happy Year of the Rabbit (again)!

This year is once again the year of the rabbit. As I myself have been born in the year of the rabbit, I have wanted to create a more lifelike rabbit model than the one created 12 years ago, since using 3D-software has made this easier. Unfortunately, as with the Tiger last year, I wasn't able to finish in time for the Chinese New Year.
So I decided to at least create a new version of my original rabbit model:


You can have a peek on the new "little bunny" model on the top right of this page. I'm not sure, when it can be finished. If you do not want to wait, why not give the 2011 rabbit model in it's original or new version a try. It's less sophisticated than later animal models, but it's a sweet model and I found it fits surprisingly well for a hand-made model.

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