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February 14th, 2017
Happy Chinese New Year!
Tomorrow night begins the year of the dog by the Chinese Lunar Calendar!
Celebrating this, here is the Stahlhart Dog:

The model has 99 parts including two possible sets of ears. Beside the Chinese New Year version, there is also a more natural-looking version, as mixture of both and white versions for you to get creative.
Note: The white swan is not included in the dog model.

I have also added new Images to the user gallery. (Thank you Roli)


January 29th, 2018
I have added new images to the user gallery (Thank you to Ronan and Heinz!) and moved the 2017 news to the news archive. The Stadtkirche Wittenberg was added to the buildings menu.
Brace yourselves for the coming animal of the year, to be released for Chinese new year (February 15th)


January 3rd, 2018

Happy New Year to everyone!

Those who have downloaded the A-5 cockpit kits may want to do so again, as the download only included the instructions but not the actual parts. This was thankfully reported to me by a downloader from Japan. It was fixed now.




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