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I recommend these tools and materials
Image of the different tools listed below


1   Cardstock, 120g/sm. My models have been designed using this grade of cardstock. Working with regular printer paper gets very messy easily and the model will not hold properly. Cardstock heavier than 160g/sm is to difficult to roll. And even 160g/sm can get tricky on fiddly parts, such as guns and antennas.
2   Wooden Toothpicks. These are required mostly for stiffening the landing gears and as the rotating shaft of propellers. For the propeller shaft, a similarly thick round piece can be used, such as the middle part of Q-tips. For landing gears you can alternatively use matches or wire.
3   Scissors. I use three sizes of Scissors: A big one for the rough parts, a smaller one for smaller parts and a nail scissor for round and small parts.
4   Paper knife. For making holes for landing gear shafts, stabilizers, landing gears and propeller shafts.
5   Tweezers can come in handy for the very small parts.
6   Straight ruler. best a metal one, for scoring the lines which have to be bend. Unfortunately there is no tool for scoring, which is widely available. There are special knifes for it. If you can't get any of those, a simple sewing needle will do. I use the dull backside of my nail scissor.
7   Slim round piece of wood. This is very useful for rounding the fuselage pieces of aircraft. As you can see, the one I use is the shaft of a brush.
8   UHU glue. According to my experience since child hood, this glue is the best glue for this kind of use. It stucks very quick and strong, but when pieces get in places they are not supposed to, it can be rubbed away while still liquid, or scratched away once dry.
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