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Stadtkirche Wittenberg
Stadtkirche Wittenberg

model designed 2016-2017 by Dieter Stahl

Category: classic architecture
Constructed: around 1400

Built between 1412 and 1439, this church became famous during the early days of the reformation, when Martin Luther was preaching here.
It should not be confused with the All Saints Church of Wittenberg, where Luther posted his 95 theses in 1517, thereby starting the reformation. The model depicts the church as it appears today, with the modified towers that were rebuilt to get their current appearance in 1556.

This model was created by Dieter Stahl, the father of Mr. Stahlhart himself. As it is not a Stahlhart-model, it does not follow the usual Stahlhart-standards.

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Complete Package



Package contents:
Model, 9 jpgs,
Instructions in english, pdf
Instructions in german, pdf

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