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The Cessna Tweet as a Stahlhart papercraft
Tweet Sturmovik

model design started 01/2013

Category: military after 1945
Maiden Flight: 1954

The Cessna Tweet was originally created as a jet trainer as which it has been serving until today, famous for its shrill sound which earned it the nickname “Tweet”. Later it was modified to become the A-37 Dragonfly a.k.a. “Super-Tweet”, a highly capable ground attack aircraft, which was bought by many small air forces and was even used as a fighter as well.

Here are two versions, that may actually exist in another timeline, another quantum reality.

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Available Versions

T-37C Thunderbirds
USAF demonstration team, 1963
includes additional tails for a full team

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T-37A U.S. Army   Page preview   Page preview    
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T-37C Bundesluftwaffe
West German Federal Air Force

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T-37B Training Command (early)   Page preview   Page preview    
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