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Building the

a simple drawing of a rabbit   a three-dimensional drawing of two round shapes
This was the first drawing for the rabbit.   In this sketch I re-thought how to shape the body.

The creation of the Rabbit was triggered by me needing a creative and unique present as a gift for the family I was be visiting for the chinese new year. Since I was aware of the chinese giving soft toy versions or figures of the animal that represents the coming year, I thought of doing a rabbit.
In contrast to aircraft or building models, the challenge was here to first come up with a shape. For this I looked at a number of pictures of rabbits and made a drawing which was to take the function of the
3-view used for planes. After creating a head it turned out to be too squared, which required me to re-think.
I realized, that an animal body is not so different to an aircraft body, and that I should simply do, what I know to do well.
After confirming my idea through making a sketch I went ahead with this idea, with a body, made basically of cones. The creation of the body was done in one evening. All mirrored parts, such as ears, front legs and hind legs I only did once to save time, as I had only four days to complete the model, before I needed to print and travel.

A rabbit with two legs and one ear
This is the prototype. It had only one limb each. Left of it is the early version of the head.

In another move to save time, I decided to take apart the first beta and scan it again in the same fashion as I scan prototypes. this allowed me especially to better confirm the positions of where attached parts are placed. It also led to a more accurate correction for the second beta. This strategy was later adapted for other models in the form of pre-betas, which have roughly the final shape, but lack detail.

a simple drawing of a rabbit   a three-dimensional drawing of two round shapes
The first beta. The places where parts are glued are marked red   This is an early beta with the patterns already added.
I scanned the ornamental patterns of a rabbit soft toy I had bought and vectorized them, deciding on new positions for them myself.
From there on, I build one beta a day, then made the corrections right away. On one day I even did that twice. The hard work paid off, and I could produce the coloured version and go to print before the start of the new year holiday, for which all printshops would have been closed.
I gave the rabbit model not only to the family I visisted on the new year, but also to a number of friends, who were all surprised about such a unique new year's gift.
all surviving betas with the finished model
Here is the whole family...
The rabbit had been created in 2011 and for the next year of the rabbit in 2023, I intended to create a new rabbit, to be called the Little Bunny up to standard to the animal models created since then.
But due to various factors, I was not able to finish in time for Chinese New Year. In the fina week before the holidat, I decided to at least create a new version of the rabbit and update the old versions to the new standard with thinner stroke. But even this was troublesome, as no pritn shop nearby was open, and I only had an old printer aroundthat had only black ink. ANyway I printed and built and then changed the images in Photoshop to make the rabbit red. However while not suitable for Chinese New Year, the grey version is also quite nice as can be seen below.
  This is the 2023 version in grey.
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