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If you want to contribute in some way to pay me back for what I offer on this website, please do one of the following and then tell me about it:


share what you are good at

Sharing something one is good at doing is what this website is about!

So why not do the same?

It may not be designing paper models or not even anything remotely similar, but surely there must be something you are good at.
Like me you could share something you have done on the internet, or
whether it is baking cookies or whether you have an excess of herbs growing in your garden or even if you are just good at listening to other people's problems or just standing by the road and giving people a smile!

Whatever it is, just give something to the people around you.
If you really do this - whatever it is - it will be much more meaningful to me than whatever money or material rewards you could give me.


donate to a charity

If you can't think of anything that you can share or if you do not have the time, I suggest you to just donate to a charity operation you like.




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